School Theme

Each year our School theme reflects an aspect of academic and personal excellence that becomes a compelling focus for all within the School for the year.

The 2023 School Theme is "Let's Grow Together". 

Let's Grow Together Logo

The 2023 school theme calls for us to be intentional in pursuing growth in our lives. This growth centres around four key themes using G R O W as an acronym

G = Grateful, R = Resilient, O = Optimistic, W = Welcoming

As we begin 2023, with the worst of the pandemic years behind us, we need to remind each other that growth is possible and indeed essential to our development. It is especially important to the students in our care.

Each of the characteristics represented in our theme can have a positive impact on our journey throughout our lives.

G R O W is our combined mantra for the 2023 academic school year – staff and students alike.

Each term we will be focusing on one of the characteristics in G R O W.

In Term One, our focus will be on ‘Being Grateful’ – Staff and students alike will be asked to consider what they are grateful for in their lives and how they can demonstrate this GRATITUDE towards others.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2023 school year.