Vision and Values 

Anglican Vision and Values of our School

St George’s Anglican Grammar School is a proud member of the Anglican Schools Commission system of schools.

Our Vision

As centres of excellence in teaching and learning, pastoral care, worship, and service, the schools of the Anglican Schools Commission are distinctively Christian communities, fulfilling the Gospel imperative to teach the faith and nurture the young.

The School aims to focus on the needs of the whole person – intellectual, aesthetic, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical and social. These are incorporated in the School’s curriculum and Co-curricular program. 

Our Values

The Anglican Schools Commission has six principal values, and expects ASC Schools to promulgate these values and to instil them in their students, staff and wider School community.


Living by Gospel values


Pursuing high standards in all things


Demonstrating fairness, compassion and conviction


Respecting self, others and our planet


Acting with honesty and openness


Promoting social inclusion and celebrating difference

These foundation principles have been used to develop the vision, values and beliefs of St George’s Anglican Grammar School.







Our Beliefs 

We believe that all students:

  • Should be provided with every opportunity for intellectual, emotional, physical and moral growth;
  • Should be treated with respect and take responsibility for treating others with respect;
  • Have a real worth and potential, which can best be encouraged and nurtured in a caring and supportive environment; and
  • Have a right to feel safe and cared for, and be free from verbal, physical or emotional abuse.

We believe that all staff:

  • Have a right to be respected and treated ethically by the School community;
  • Have a crucial role in providing a stimulating, safe, secure and caring environment, in which students can learn, grow and achieve to their full potential;
  • Have a shared responsibility to identify with and work towards the attainment of the School’s goals; and
  • Should be accepting of the School’s core values and their responsibility to provide, by example, a mature and willing role model for students in matters intellectual, ethical and moral. 

We believe that all parents and carers:

  • Should have every opportunity to work in partnership with the School community to enhance and encourage their child’s educational growth and development;
  • Should be respected as the primary care giver and key decision maker with respect to their child’s development; and
  • Should actively support the goals of the School and respect the role of the staff as significant partners in their child’s education, personal growth and development.