Welcoming you into St George's


At Orientation Day, you will meet the Principal and other key members of staff, who offer academic, pastoral and administrative support to students and parents. You will become familiar with the layout of the School and meet other students to help you feel comfortable within your new educational environment as quickly as possible. 

Details regarding Orientation Day are circulated to parents and incoming students prior to entry.

 Year 7 - a year of transition

Throughout life children experience transitions – moving house, starting school, making new friends - all are important in offering opportunities and challenges. St George's Anglican Grammar School works towards helping students and their families to make the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth and as successful as possible.

We aim to make every new student feel welcome, valued and accepted irrespective of their age, culture, background or ability; ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and inclusively.

We use our PCG, "Buddy" and House systems to develop an immediate sense of inclusion and belonging. We understand that when students feel confident within themselves, they are better able to build new relationships and learn cooperatively with others.