2015 WACE Examination Results

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2015 WACE Examination Results

St George’s Anglican Grammar School focuses on supporting and caring for our students in their emotional, social, spiritual and academic development. The WACE results provide feedback on one dimension of this focus, namely our academic standards.

We are delighted with the School’s 2015 WACE results. We are very proud of our graduates and congratulate the students on their achievements.


  • The class of 2015 had 100% WACE achievement
  • 25% of students attained an ATAR above 90
  • 43% of students achieved an ATAR above 80
  • 3 students were awarded Certificates of Commendation (awarded to students who obtain at least 20 A grades in their last three years of senior secondary WACE enrolment)
  • One student was awarded a Special Certificate of Distinction for Business Management and Enterprise (awarded to candidates who achieve in the top 0.5 per cent of those sitting the examinations)

 Our top achievers