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Creative Edge Challenge 2017

In our changing world of technology and robotics, creative and lateral thinking ‘future proofs’ our students. The Creative Edge Challenge promotes and facilitates this endeavour. The Creative Edge Challenge had its beginnings in Opti-MINDS. Those familiar with Opti-MINDS will know how much effort and preparation is required. Furthermore, students who have participated in Opti-MINDS want to repeat the experience, but in Years 10, 11 and 12  academic work is a priority. Enter The Creative Edge Challenge - a one day event requiring no preparation, just lateral thinkers ready to find creative and elegant solutions.

This Challenge is by invitation only, so we are thrilled to be considered for the event. On Saturday 25 March, the team competed in the Challenge for the first time. They are to be commended for representing our School so ably and for their time and effort.

St George’s Anglican Grammar School’s inaugural Creative Edge Team members are: Yunyu Pan, Luke Thomas, Marc Buditjahjono, Callan Conroy, Georgia Grubelich, Alex Buckland and Gavin McInerney.