Eye Contact Exhibition

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The Eye Contact Exhibition was a powerful and moving display of the reality of homelessness in Perth. 

Photographer, Phil England, is seeking to change the way society views homeless people. Phil has captured the stories of 20 homeless West Australians in this exhibition which forces onlookers to confront the issues his subject’s face, depicting their life views on larger than life portraits. These portraits have been on display at St George's for the past week and were well-received by our students. We were privileged to have Ken and Don from Rotary's Homeless Hub speak to our students about the exhibition and provide an overview of homelessness in Perth and share some alarming statistics.

There are over 9,000 people experiencing homelessness in WA. These people do not have a safe place to sleep, limited access to food and clean drinking water, and they often don’t have warm clothing or access to hygiene and personal care supplies.

St George’s has been supporting the homeless in Perth since 2015 with regular food collections, hygiene product collections and various fundraisers that collect funds for Anglicare’s Street Connect initiative. We, as a school, will continue to support where we can.