Year 12 Graduation

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Congratulations to the graduating class of 2017

The Graduation celebrations commenced with a breakfast for the Year 12 students in the cafeteria. “It wouldn’t be Year 12 without…” stories along with Minna’s Year 12 farewell video provided some early morning entertainment.

A moving ‘Stations’ Chapel Service was led by The Very Reverend Richard Pengelley, Dean of Perth, and joined by The Chair of School Council, Mr Keith Lindbeck. The Service commenced in the basement and moved up the building to the highest point. On each level there were readings, prayers, musical performances and thanks were given for each element of the school contributing to the students’ education. The basement for Drama, Music and Science. The ground floor Gym for our bodies and health. The first floor for design and technology and the ability to create and build. The second floor for English, humanities and languages, our ability to communicate and for stewardship of the earth. The third floor for Maths, our ability to count and gather and be generous. The Service concluded on the fourth floor where thanks were given for art, food and recreation, our ability to make beautiful things and relax together. On this floor, the youngest students in the School, the Year 7s, sung ‘Eye of the Tiger’ as the final countdown to the Year 12s fourteen years of schooling.

A whole school farewell assembly led by the Head Boy and Head Girl of 2017 provided the Year 7 to 11s the opportunity to congratulate the Year 12s. The 2018 newly appointed Head Boy and Head Girl farewelled and conveyed their appreciation to the Year 12s for their leadership.

The Graduation Ceremony at St George’s Cathedral was the formal acknowledgement of the Year 12 graduation where families and invited guests farewelled the students and joined them at the school for refreshments and entertainment. Special thanks to the Year 7 to 11s for all their help with the celebrations.

We wish the Year 12s all the very best in their upcoming WACE and WAUFP exams and congratulate them on their graduation.