Box of Books Booklists

The Box of Books Booklists for 2022 are now available.

Please see the video link below on how Box of Books works and how we will continue to work together to support your student’s ongoing educational needs.
Box of Books Service Overview

Some families may already have the school prescribed texts in hard copy, either through siblings who have completed the subject in an earlier year, or through the purchase of the text separately to Box of Books. Where this is the case you will still need to have your student provisioned for the digital version of the text on Box of Books and this can be purchased for a discounted cost.

Please note if your student does not have the digital version through Box of Books then they will not have access to all the additional resources and enhancements made to the texts by the class teachers.

Box of Books looks forward to supporting your students' learning through their world leading digital platform and 100% COVID safe delivery service for texts and physical resources for school families.

Steps to order:

  1. Visit Shop Box of Books to create your parent/guardian account
  2. Add each student, nominating their school and year group
         - you'll need the student/s school email address to link the order to their profile. Their email address can be found on their SEQTA welcome page or by contacting

     3. Select the items you wish to purchase from the booklist shown
     4. Use the checkout to organise postage direct to your nominated address and payment

Please note: The IT department cannot troubleshoot problems with Box of Books accounts, except for log-in issues.

For further assistance, please see this short informative guide on How To Purchase Books or contact the Box of Books team through the in-app support function or from their contact details below:

Phone   1800 326 657 (1800 EBOOKS)