Child Protection

St George’s Anglican Grammar School is committed to child safety and protection, and expect all staff, volunteers, visitors to the School and contractors to respect and abide by all policies, procedures and practices developed and put in place by the Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) and/or the School in this regard.

We are committed to ensuring that students and staff interact in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust; one that is enjoyable, challenging and stimulating, where students accept personal responsibility for their learning and behaviour. With this in mind, staff and students have clear codes of conduct that they are expected to adhere to. These codes of conduct can be found below.

It is mandated that the School work under and comprehensively implement a relevant child-safe organisation framework, benchmarked as better practice by a peak body, to ensure the following elements of a child safe institution are adhered to:

  1. Child safety is embedded in institutional leadership, governance and culture;
  2. Children participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously;
  3. Families and communities are informed and involved;
  4. Equity is promoted and diversity respected;
  5. People working with children are suitable and supported;
  6. Processes to respond to complaints of child sexual abuse are child focused;
  7. Staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills and awareness to keep children safe through continual education and training;
  8. Physical and online environments minimise the opportunity for abuse to occur;
  9. Implementation of child safe standards is continuously reviewed and improved; and
  10. Policies and procedures document how the institution is child safe.

St George’s AGS utilises the ‘Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse’, “Creating Child Safe Institutions’, as its overarching Child Protection Framework.

Underpinning this framework is the nationally recognised Protective Behaviours Curriculum called ‘Keeping Safe’ that is explicitly implemented within the Schools Protective Behaviour Program (PBP).

Follow these links to view the Child Protection Framework, ‘Creating Child Safe Institutions’, and the Protective Behaviours Curriculum, ‘Keeping Safe Program – Middle Years’, and ‘Keeping Safe Program – Senior Years’.

Key Policies and Documents

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