Our vision for tomorrow

As a school of the Anglican Schools Commission, our vision is to be the leading co-educational city-based school inspiring students to achieve excellence in all that they undertake. We are already achieving this - and soon, we will excel even further . . .

With a growing demand for student places and the goal of expanding the diversity of the courses on offer to St George’s students, the Anglican Schools Commission has purchased a new and permanent home for our school 700m from our current site in William Street. The building at 441 Murray Street - once an office block - will be transformed into the home for St George’s Anglican Grammar School, gradually over the next five years.

The move will ensure that our school meets our community’s expectations while maintaining all that we currently love about St George’s. 

The vibrant red blazers of our students, so distinctively visible in and around the city, will be matched by a red ribbon staircase that will transverse the new building. Other plans include specialist areas for courses such as Food Technologies, Woodwork and Mechatronics as well as the provision of performance spaces to enhance our already much-loved Music, Dance and Drama programs.

Redevelopment of the site will begin at the end of 2023, harnessing the best in innovative designs for vertical schools, and outdoor areas will be integral to the design. Our students will begin using the premises from 2025 as an additional campus until the complete full move across ready for the start of the 2030 academic year. Join us on the journey.