Alternative Pathways - APEx

The Alternative Pathway and Experiences (APEx) Program is designed to help students realise their full potential by assisting them and their families to select subjects and courses that leverage existing strengths and abilities. 

For students in senior school, a range of alternatives to traditional ATAR courses exist to enhance a student’s skill set while opening up opportunities beyond school.

"Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow".
— Paulo Coelho, Novelist

One of the main benefits of alternative pathways is that they provide students with tailored learning experiences. VET courses can provide students with practical skills and knowledge that are relevant to their future career choice.

Our APEx pathway offers more flexible learning arrangements, which can help students to balance their study with other commitments such as work or family. We recognise that not everyone learns in the same way. 

FlexiTrack High

St George's has teamed with Murdoch University to provide a structured and supportive learning experience for students seeking an alternative option to the ATAR pathways into university. FlexiTrack High helps university-aspiring Year 12s develop skills to succeed at university by utilising evidence-based teaching and learning approaches. 

The course consists of four modules designed to develop skills relevant to any degree program and qualifies students to apply directly to undergraduate degrees at Murdoch University that have an indicative ATAR of 70. Other universities in WA also recognise the program and students who achieve a distinction can apply to the University of WA.