Inspired Minds

Philosophy, public speaking, photography and money management are all modules of the future-focused ‘Inspired Minds’ program which draws on the context of the inner-city environment to provide students with learning opportunities that equip them with skills for success beyond campus.

In a program unique to St George's, students interact with diverse city spaces and organisations to gain insights into businesses and industries. 

Program units such as ‘Out and About in Perth’ help Year 7 students become more confident within the city surrounds, while the ‘Money Management’ unit has introduced Year 9 students to the world of corporate banking within the heart of the Perth CBD.

Head of Curriculum, Mr Anthony Bochrinis, said the program aims to diversify the student experience within the lower school, where greater flexibility for learning can easily be linked to students’ interests.

“In the Western Australian Mathematics Curriculum, there is little scope to have a deep dive into personal taxation, budgeting, the stock market and the many necessary lifelong financial literacy skills,” Mr Bochrinis said.

“Yet, our Year 9 IM Money Management Unit, which all Year 9 St George’s students will undertake, will bring these topics to life as students see the importance of this knowledge within our city-based setting”.

Mr Bochrinis said the encompassing program includes elements of philosophy, media studies and photography, and an introduction to the service component of the Ignite and Duke of Edinburgh Awards programs.

Some of the priceless life lessons and the cultivation of independence makes the Inspired Minds program unique. Most importantly it makes school life both inspirational and fun.
— Mr Anthony Bochrinis - Head of Curriculum