Pastoral Care

Education is more than just academic excellence. While our teachers deliver excellent learning programs, we also prioritise the personal development and wellbeing of our students.
— Mr Ian Thompson, Head of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

St George's prides itself on the close bonds that exist between students and staff, and the pastoral care, learning opportunities and support offered to every child.

Our school is committed to developing well-rounded, independent young people with real-world experiences, strong relationships and the skills they need to thrive.

St George's recognises that a student's wellbeing is essential for their overall success. Mutual respect and trust between staff and student are important to us and create a family-like feel around the school.

Every student at St George’s becomes part of a Pastoral Care Group led by a member of the school’s academic staff. PCG groups are in a vertical format, meaning Years 7 to 12 students (often siblings) are together in PCG group.  

Each day begins with a 10-minute PCG session, enabling the PCG teacher to have daily pastoral contact. The PCG tutor is the parent’s first point of contact and will remain with the student from Years 7-12 so that the pastoral relationship can be rich, informed and supportive throughout school years. 

Extended PCG sessions are held once a week for 55 minutes (one period). This time could be spent going as a group with a PCG teacher to get an ice-cream in the city. Or it might involve a guest speaker invited to talk about a topical issue. Or the PCG class might do an educational activity or playing games together.

Pastoral care is key to inclusivity - and it enhances social and emotional development and friendships.