Transition to High School

Before Year 7 students begin as a cohort at the start of a school year, they participate in two key events - Year 7 Transition Days and Orientation Day.

Transition Days

This takes place in Term 4 of Year 6. Over the course of two days, new students are welcomed to the school by our Principal, the Head of Year 7 and meet their Head of House. They enjoy a series of engaging activities with other members of their House. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to begin creating relationships with others, as well as experiencing the school campus and Perth city.

New Student Orientation Day

This takes place the day before school starts. The new students meet their teachers and become familar with their lockers, laptops, timetables and SEQTA to ensure their first day of Term 1 goes smoothly.

Students then take part in games and activities - a fun way to start their big adventure.