Music, Drama and Dance

St George's is a beacon for students who love the arts.

"A stage has two rules: 1 - anything can happen and 2, something must happen."
— Peter Brook, Director

As well as classroom Music, Dance and Drama we offer students the regularly opportunity of performing at various venues such as the State Theatre Centre of WA, His Majesty’s Theatre and the Perth Town Hall. The school has soundproof Music rooms, a basement Music space, and a Dance and Drama studio.


The key to the Music Department at St George’s is openness. Music is accessible to the whole community - students and staff alike. It is a welcoming and distinctly musical space, adorned with performance photos and a place students can learn, collaborate, hang out and jam. 

Concerts at performance spaces such as Downstairs At The Maj and larger-scale performances at venues such as the Quarry Amphitheatre and Perth Concert Hall are also held.

We encourage students to bring in their own musical interests. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, and our students come from a range of abilities, experiences and backgrounds, united by the power of music.


The Drama Program at St George's is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in all aspects of the theatre arts. Students learn the fundamentals of acting, voice and movement, as well as the technical skills required to put on a successful production.

Our Drama students are part of a supportive and collaborative group of performers willing to take on any challenge, whether it's a classic play or an original production. The Drama Department strives to bring something new and exciting to the stage each year while cultivating a safe learning environment.


The Dance Department at St George’s has a family-like culture, built from the grounds of encouragement and acceptance.

An eagerness and energy fills the Dance Room and students commonly use their own time, before, during or after school, to develop their practical and written application. 

The Dance Program at St George’s is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in all aspects of dance. Students learn the fundamentals of choreography, movement retention, biomechanics and performance qualities as well as the technical skills required for style specific genres. Students also develop their understanding and application of creative design choices for dance productions and how such choreographic and design choices impact specific audiences.