The stage is like a second home to many of our students - and our Drama Department champions acceptance, creativity, confidence and individuality.

St George's offers a comprehensive Drama program in which students learn the fundamentals of acting, voice and movement as well as the technical skills required to put on a successful production. 

Students frequently use their own time, before, during and/or afterschool, to develop their practical and written application and to simply "hang out", building the inclusive community at the school. 

From classes to lunchtimes and site-specific showcase performances, students have many opportunities to showcase their creativity to their peers, friends, family and the wider community.

Whether it's a classic play or an original production, the drama department strives to bring something new and exciting to the stage while cultivating a safe learning environment.

Drama can be studied at university entrance level in Senior School.

Curricular Drama Pathways include:

  • 11 & 12 ATAR Drama
  • 11 & 12 APEx Drama
  • 10 General & Specialist Drama
  • 9 General Drama
  • 8 General Drama
  • 7 General Drama

Co-curricular Drama opportunities are innovative, enriching and treasured as students learn about future career pathways, work with professionals in the arts industry and build connections through an embracing culture. Co-curricular Drama offers a sense of freedom from the classroom and focuses on exploring specific interests in a social environment.

The St George’s Co-curricular Drama Program caters to all theatrical interests and abilities and includes:

  • Inter-House Performing Arts Festival: Drama (Improvisation)
  • Production Cast
  • Production Creative Team
  • Other Drama Clubs or Performance Opportunities

Students also perform at events such as the Inter-House Performing Arts Festival, Drama Showcase, site-specific performances and other various occasions such as city festivals.