Dive into Marine and Maritime Studies

St George's Anglican Grammar School is thrilled to be expanding our Marine and Maritime Studies offerings for Year 11 and 12 students.

As our city school grows, so do the opportunities for Science students with a keen interest in marine biology, skippering, aquaculture and sustainable management of the oceans' resources.

In 2025, in addition to our APEx Marine and Maritime Studies general course, St George's aims to offer an ATAR course to provide students with unique theoretical and practical learning experiences, and to equip them with a broad range of skills and knowledge. Students will study oceanography concepts to develop a strong understanding of the interdependence between components of the marine environment; conduct research into the safe and sustainable management of the oceans’ resources; and will be introduced to the world of maritime archaeology. As well, nautical craft and hull design features, and maritime history and archaeology, are investigated as part of the ATAR curriculum.

With much of the course based outside of school - in locations such as the Swan River, Indian Ocean and marine industry facilities - students will receive practical experience in achieving goals such as gaining a recreational skipper's ticket as well as a Scuba diving licence.