Find a passion, follow a dream

Cycling, sailing, DJ-ing and a host of music ensembles are among the co-curricular experiences offered at St George's.

Students can choose between academic, non-academic and performance groups, giving them a chance to try something new, broaden an interest, develop a passion - and interact with students they might not usually see in class.

The activities on offer vary from term to term. Most are conducted by our teaching staff and are free - while some incur a fee to cover the cost of instructors or materials.

It is compulsory for students in Year 7 and 8 to participate in one academic and one non-academic co-curricular activity each term. Year 9 students are required to select at least one co-curricular activity each term and Year 10 students are encouraged to participate, especially in activities that offer academic support. Co-Curricular activities are optional for Year 11 and Year 12 students.

Some of our current and past co-curricular activities include:

Academic Non-Academic Music
Gifted & Talented (SOAR)
Cycling in the city
Vocal Ensemble
Mock Trials
Park Play
Chapel Band
Hip Hop Dance Company
Flute Ensemble
Bible Study
Soccer Club
St George's Singers
Maths Enrichment
Lyrical Dance Company
Homework Help
School production
Percussion Ensemble
Economics Club
Book Club
Warhammer Miniatures Club
Swing Band
Gaming Club
Jazz Ensemble
Tabletop gaming
REM!X (Music Tech and Production)
Events Crew
Cross Country training
Year 7 Rock Band
Year 8 Rock Band
Year 9 Rock Band
Lego Club
Year 11 Rock Band
Year 12 Rock Band