The Dance program at St George's is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in all aspects of dance.

Students learn the fundamentals of choreography, movement retention, biomechanics and performance qualities as well as the technical skills required for style-specific genres. Students also develop their understanding and application of creative design choices for dance productions and how such choreographic and design choices impact specific audiences. 

"Dance goes beyond physical expression - it is a soulful and euphoria awakening of the mind that allows one to find happiness in everything.'
— Dance teacher, Jess McGaw

As Dance continues to be a growing passion for many students at St George's, our approach to dance education is to appreciate the individuality of all students, championing their strengths and to adapt with the ever-evolving culture of the arts.

Dance classes at St George’s foster a safe learning environment that adapts to the learning needs of our students. Our classes  frequently align with co-curricular opportunities that expand learning.

Curricular Dance pathways include:

  • Year 12 APEx Dance (2024 onwards)
  • Year 11 APEx Dance
  • Year 10 General & Specialist Dance
  • Year 9 General Dance

Co-curricular Dance opportunities are inclusive, creative and connective as students embrace connections, learn about future career pathways, develop leadership skills and prepare for live performances that develop performance qualities and an appreciation for opportunities beyond school. Co-curricular Dance encourages individual autonomy and focuses on developing confidence and positive relationships through:

  • Inter-House Performing Arts Festival: Dance
  • Senior Dance Company
  • Junior Dance Company
  • Production Dance Ensemble
  • Other Dance Clubs or Performance Opportunities

Students perform at events such as the Inter-House Performing Arts Festival, School to Stage Competition and other school events.