Limited vacancies available for 2018. Contact us now to enquire, 9312 0800 or Admissions@stgeorges.wa.edu.au 

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent will make. A good education is a foundation for life.

We are proud to say that St George’s Anglican Grammar School offers an outstanding education. The School has a strong culture which values personal growth, service to the community and academic achievement.

St George’s Anglican Grammar School has ‘open entry’ enrolment policy, welcoming applications from all families and children who agree to accept the School’s rules and expectations.

We encourage parents or guardians to make enquiries and register their interest early. Students are offered a place in order of date of application. Siblings of students already enrolled at the School are given priority.

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If you have any questions regarding enrolments at St George’s please contact Christie Lee Kiff in the Admissions Office at Admissions@stgeorges.wa.edu.au or call +61 8 9312 0800

For enquiries relating to International enrolment and admissions, please contact the Anglican Schools Commission International office on admissions@asc.wa.edu.au or call +61 8 9286 0290

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