WACE Results - St George's congratulates the Class of 2023

Tuesday, 19 Dec 2023

Congratulations to the St George’s Anglican Grammar School graduates of the Class of 2023 on their superb WACE results. These results clearly demonstrate the huge commitment shown by each of our students to their academic studies, supported wholeheartedly by their families and our fabulous St George’s teachers who have guided each student’s learning throughout their time at the School. Well done to you all!

Greta Bushell
Greta Bushell

Of particular note are the outstanding achievements of the following high achieving students:-

Greta Bushell
, our Academic Captain and 2023 Dux (pictured), achieved a 99.1 ATAR.

Ethan Lane
, our 2023 Proxime Accessit, achieved a 94.5 ATAR.
Emily Ross
, achieved a 94.5 ATAR.
Chloe Tung (WAUFP), our WAUFP Dux, achieved a 94 ATAR.
Tom Sweeney, our 2023 School Captain, achieved a 93.65 ATAR.
Ella Moss, our Mandela House Captain, achieved a 93.35 ATAR.
Niamh Bingham
, our Gandhi House Captain, achieved a 93.15 ATAR.
Amy Wang (WAUFP), achieved a 92 ATAR.
Blake Edmonds achieved a 91.95 ATAR.
Claudia Gordon
 our Drama Prefect, achieved a 91.7 ATAR.

Subject Certificate of Excellence (Top 0.5% in the state): 
Applied Information Technology - Tom Sweeney
Mathematics Applications - Ethan Lane

Certificate of Distinction:
Greta Bushell 

Certificate of Merit:
9 students

St George's Anglican Grammar School Principal Mrs Tina Campbell said that whilst the most visible results are the ATARs, it was just as important to celebrate personal bests and individual growth across both the ATAR and APEx Pathways which eloquently demonstrate the many diverse passions, talents, accolades, and achievements of the Class of 2023 here at St George’s Anglican Grammar School.

"Whilst I am undoubtedly thrilled by the strong academic achievements of the Class of 2023 given that their results reflect the many hours of hard work, I am equally proud of the way that the Class of 2023 approached their final year – together they espoused the school values of Wisdom, Grace, and Service in all that they undertook,'' Mrs Campbell said. 

"They were strong leaders, positive contributors to school life and compassionate mentors. They all showcased their talents across a myriad of different activities, and it is this vibrancy and spirit that now paves the way for an exciting future pathway.

"Making the most of Year 12 and the many opportunities provided to our students is what navigating the final year of school is all about and the Class of 2023 did this in abundance with enthusiasm, energy, and excitement. They achieved success on the stage, the sporting field, in music, academia and so much more.

"It has been an absolute delight to accompany this remarkable group of students during our shared journey at St George’s Anglican Grammar School.

"As Principal, I wish them all the very best in the next chapter of their lives and encourage them to stay connected with the School through the work of our alumni – ‘The Grammarians’.

"Congratulations to you all, there is indeed much to celebrate and be proud of both today and into your future pathways beyond our School – go with drive and determination into the world, make a positive difference in whatever you choose to undertake and shine, shine brightly. I am excited to see where the world takes you and what you ultimately choose to do next – very well done!''

Class of 2023
St George's Anglican Grammar School Class of 2023
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