The Arts

St George’s Anglican Grammar School provides exciting and innovative programs in Visual Art, Photography, Design, Music and Drama. With an emphasis on original thought and creativity, the School offers our young people a holistic education that is rich and cultured. Our teachers are experienced and dedicated to nurturing talent and encouraging the highest academic achievement within a balanced education.

Our students have access to numerous state-of-the-art facilities and culturally significant venues, such as the State Art Collection at the Art Gallery of WA; Perth Arts Festival and Fringe Festival events; public art and sculpture; the State Theatre; numerous performance and exhibition venues and the heritage-listed St George’s Cathedral.

The Arts - Drama

St George’s Anglican Grammar School offers a comprehensive program in the performing arts. Drama is offered as part of the curriculum from Year 7 to Year 12 and can be studied at university entrance level in Senior School. The co-curricular schedule is fully inclusive and provides productions where students are able to work towards excellence in their chosen art form. Students have access to exceptional Drama spaces including the State Theatre Centre of WA, Perth Town Hall, His Majesty's Theatre and UCIC Hall. The School Drama space is located at the historic Queen’s Building at 97 William Street.

As part of the St George’s Arts Program, students have the opportunity to join one of our touring groups where they are able to work with internationally acclaimed masters of the dramatic arts.

2018 Whole School Production - The Most Horrid Child of All
2017 Whole School Production - The Addams Family 
2016 Whole School Production - Legally Blonde
2015 Whole School Production - Popstars

The Arts - Music

As participation in music offers a significant contribution to quality of life, St George’s takes practical music-making as a starting point. Music is something that we do. It’s something we play, create, make, and share. It’s these core values that underpin the way we teach and share music.

Sharing the unique experiences that come from playing and making music is one way that helps develop students’ sense of curiosity, empowerment, confidence and openness to new challenges, experiences, and learning.

We have deliberately created a music department that is “open”, with our facilities being available and accessible to the entire student population- as well as staff. Our school community is one where everyone benefits from making music. They come together to play, to share, to create, to learn and to talk, and to help each other as equals. 

Our space is welcoming, democratic, inclusive, encouraging, vibrant and creative. We encourage our students to bring in their musical interests, and they are varied! They bring their passions into class, where the students have input, freedom, and trust. We want music to continue to be a creative part of our students’ lives as they grow and explore their world. Music in school is the starting place rather than the final destination.

The Music Department has a range of bands, ensembles, songwriting and production groups and other music-related activities that your child can join. One of these groups include the winners of the 2019 WAM Song of the Year Awards, Electrocity Ensemble, which is a collaboration of students and staff entwining sampling, looping, traditional instruments, live electronics and sound design. Immerse yourself in the sounds of our city interwoven with live original composition: enchanting, beautiful, edgy, haunting, surprising. Taking sound samples from the CBD as a starting point, students and staff have collaborated to write songs combining orchestral and contemporary instruments with live electronics and software. To read more and listen to recordings from the Electrocity Ensemble visit their webpage at

To express an interest in instrumental lessons for your child please complete and return the application form, available below. 

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