Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an initiative implemented at St George's Anglican Grammar School. It allows students to embrace a personalised learning experience both at school and at home using their own device. 

BYOD Portal

Please be encouraged to use our partnership with StottHoare for education pricing on business-grade notebooks plus accessory & warranty choices. The BYOD portal is now ready to go! - Password: StGeorge2019

Please note, StottHoare do not price match retail stores. Prices and services supplied are of a business quality assurance whereas retail stores are generally consumer grade with 1-year limited warranties.

BYOD Specifications

All students at St George’s Anglican Grammar School must bring their own device (BYOD) that meets the specifications below.




CPU (processor)
Intel Core i5 equivalent or higher1
Intel Core i3 equivalent
RAM (memory)
8 GB or more
4 GB
Storage Drive
250 GB SSD (solid state drive) or larger
120 GB
GPU (graphics)
2 GB or larger graphics card2
Intel HD equivalent
OS (operating system)
Windows 10, macOS Mojave 10.14 or later
Windows 8.1 or macOS 10.10
WLAN (wireless)
Dual-band with 5ghz3
5ghz compatible3

1 (CPU): Intel Atom, Pentium, Celeron or equivalent AMD central processing units (CPU) are not recommended. They lack the required processing speed.
2 (GPU): Recommended but not mandatory for those taking Design or AIT classes
3 (WLAN): Please make sure the computer is capable of connecting on the 5 Ghz band.









Android tablets, Apple iPads and Chromebooks, as their primary device, are not appropriate because the operating system is not suitable for classroom requirements. They are permitted as a secondary device to their notebook, however there will be no support provided for their secondary device.

Please email IT Support for any information regarding BYOD advice or IT assistance etc.